Timmermans’ activity is pushing energy prices up
21. 10. 2021.
What the European Commission and Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans, the commissioner responsible for the Green Deal are doing with their new climate package called Fit for 55 will kill the European middle classes, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated in connection with the rise in energy prices on Thursday, arriving at the two-day Brussels summit of the leaders of the Member States of the European Union.

The Prime Minister took the view that the activity of the Commission and Frans Timmermans is pushing energy prices up, signs of which are already visible, and their plans will lead to further price rises. They will ruin the middle classes, despite the fact that the whole of European democracy stands or falls on the middle classes, he warned.

“Those who are raising the prices of electricity and gas to the skies are endangering European democracy. Therefore, these plans must be withdrawn and reconsidered,” he stated.

He said it is typical that despite promises that each Member State will receive an impact assessment about how the Commission’s proposals will affect them, no study of any kind has been prepared. No report of any kind has been received, the European Commission wants to take action without calculations, and will destroy the European economy, he said. This must be stopped under any circumstances, Mr Orbán added.

The Prime Minister also said there is a witch-hunt against Poland in Europe, the truth is on the side of the Polish, and we will stand with the Polish.

He stressed that regarding issues which national parliaments have not delegated to the European Union not a single institution of the EU has competence; those issues fall within national constitutions and courts. “There is a stealthy expansion of powers on the part of the EU which we must put an end to. The Polish finally plucked up courage and opened this battle. Our place is there right beside them,” Mr Orbán added.

In answer to a question, he said there is no need for any sanctions against Poland. Poland is one of the best countries in Europe, he said.