Unity of V4 is more important than ever
23. 04. 2020.
In preparation for the Thursday EU summit, on Wednesday morning Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had talks with President of the European Council Charles Michel, and in the afternoon he also consulted with the prime ministers of the Visegrád countries.

According to the information of Bertalan Havasi, the Prime Minister’s press chief, the talks were conducted as part of video conferences, in the same manner as the Thursday EU summit will be held.

The main topic of the talks was the management of the crisis situation afflicting Europe due to the coronavirus pandemic, Mr Havasi said.

At both talks, the parties took stock of the damage the epidemic had caused in the economies of the Member States of the EU, and spoke about the financial resources and solutions that could help to trigger a recovery process.

Mr Orbán highlighted that at this time the unity of the V4 is especially important, and therefore at the Thursday EU summit, the prime ministers of the Visegrád countries will represent a joint position.