Video message from Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to VIVA 22 participants
9 October 2022, Budapest

I greet the participants at VIVA 22, our Spanish friends. Gathering every year under the national flag is a good tradition. We do it regularly in Hungary, because it is good for our hearts and souls, and it gives progressive globalists heart attacks. Such an occasion is an excellent opportunity to discuss the greatest challenges in the period ahead. It is still true that we must not surrender our national interests, and that we must continue to defend our traditions and our sovereignty against the Brussels bureaucrats. We cannot allow millions of immigrants to overrun the Member States of the European Union. We must stand up for our traditions and our cultures and defend our children and families in the face of globalist ideologies. This fight will be our collective fight in the future. The “Rome Express” has already arrived in Brussels. The train from Madrid is being prepared, with my friend Santiago Abascal at the controls. I wish VOX great success! God bless you all!