Viktor Orbán congratulates Bulgarian centre-right party on its election victory
27. 03. 2017.
On Monday the Prime Minister’s Press Chief told that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has written a letter of congratulations to Boyko Borisov, leader of the Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) party. Fidesz’s sister party in the European People’s Party won the largest number of seats in the parliamentary election at the weekend.

In his letter the Prime Minister said that he is convinced that the election result is testimony to Mr. Borisov and his party’s efforts in government, with which “by taking a stance against the most serious migration crisis of recent decades it has significantly contributed to preserving the security of Bulgaria and the whole of the European Union”.

Mr. Orbán said he is grateful for the excellent cooperation that he and his Bulgarian counterpart have developed in recent years, and he expressed the hope that he will soon be able to welcome Mr. Borisov again as head of the Bulgarian government. He wished Mr. Borisov much success in the upcoming negotiations on forming a government.

As Bulgaria’s current governing party, GERB won the early election held in Bulgaria at the weekend. After 97 per cent of the total had been verified, the party had gained 32.63 per cent of the votes. This means that it will now have 96 members of Parliament, out of a total of 240 – which is 12 more than previously. Because his party lacks an absolute majority, however, Mr. Borisov will need to find coalition partners to form a government.