Viktor Orbán proposes political debate on the utilisation of EU funds between 2007 and 2013
06. 04. 2016.
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has written to House Speaker László Kövér to inform him that he is proposing a policy debate on the utilisation of EU funds at Hungary’s disposal between 2007 and 2013.

The Prime Minister explained that the Government successfully closed the 2007–2013 development cycle on 31 December 2015. Throughout this period, Hungary disposed of funds worth HUF 8,600 billion, and its institutional system has successfully allocated all the funding.

In his letter, Mr. Orbán also explained that the Government of Hungary has managed to avoid a loss of funding that in previous periods everyone had taken for granted. The reason for this is that the Government signed agreements on HUF 9,536 billion, which is higher than the amount which could have been drawn from the European Commission.

For these reasons, the Prime Minister explained, it is necessary that the Government receives the opportunity to inform Parliament of its experiences in this field, and to conduct an open and constructive debate with parliamentary parties.