Viktor Orbán to hold lecture at economic summit in Berlin
10. 01. 2018.
Viktor Orbán will be holding a lecture in Berlin on Wednesday at the economic summit organised by publishing house Axel Springer, the Prime Minister’s Press Chief confirmed to Hungarian tabloid Blikk.

According to Bertalan Havasi, the Prime Minister will also be replying to questions from the audience. At the request of the organisers, the event is not public, he added.

According to Blikk, the topic of the lecture will be Europe in search of an identity. The information provided by Axel Springer states that Mr. Orbán will speak about the fact that Europe must retain its Christian roots and that in his opinion the European Union can only be successful as a community of nations. The speech is expected to strongly criticise the European Union’s immigration policy, which according to the Hungarian Prime Minister has already failed. According to the paper, the Prime Minister is also expected to stress that in addition, it is the duty of every country to perform their economic “homework”, as Hungary is doing. Mr. Orbán has made no secret of his opinion with regard to the role of the Visegrád Group and the fact that in the eyes of Germany the V4 is being given greater weight than France, for instance, the article states.

According to the paper, the Prime Minister will be accompanied by musician Leslie Mandoki, with whom Mr. Orbán has maintained good relations for some time. Several members of the German business and intellectual elite were present at an informal meeting held in Mandoki’s apartment during the Prime Minister’s visit to Bavaria last week.