Viktor Orbán’s press statement after his meeting with President of Hungary János Áder
7 May 2018, Budapest


Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Excellency, President of the Republic.

This is the fourth occasion on which I have been asked to form a government in Hungary for the subsequent parliamentary term. I have respectfully thanked President of the Republic János Áder for having invited me to do so, and I have accepted that invitation. I have also promised the President that I shall serve Hungary with dedication and loyalty. I have further informed the President about two issues: I briefly outlined Hungary’s current situation, including its economic, security and foreign policy situation; I then informed the President about the situation related to formation of the Government. We shall continue discussion of this following this press conference. What I can tell you now is that, provided I am entrusted to do so by Parliament, I would like to form a government comprising fourteen ministers, including myself. Seven of these government members will come from the sphere of politics, and seven will come from outside that sphere. I briefly informed the President about the aims of the Government. Naturally I will describe these in detail to the Honourable House after swearing the prime ministerial oath in Parliament, but now I have simply told the President that in my view the new government’s most important task will be preservation of Hungary’s security and its Christian culture. I also promised that I shall use every means possible to meet the wishes expressed by Hungarians on 8 April, and that I shall use the two-thirds parliamentary majority to ensure that we – and I – serve three thirds of the population: all Hungary’s citizens.

Thank you very much for your attention.