Viktor Orbán’s speech at the opening ceremony of the 12th Star of the Profession Festival
12 March 2019, Budapest

Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I cordially welcome the President of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the competitors in the 12th Star of the Profession Festival, guests, students, parents and teachers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Young People,

Hungary’s future is made up of the decisions of the young people of today: Hungary will be those professions, careers, lives and futures that you choose. I thank your parents and teachers for treating you as adults. It is important for you to be seen as people who are able to decide on your own futures – albeit with help and support. The decision is yours. Our task is to help you in your decision by offering you our knowledge and experience of life.

Young People,

Hungary will be like you – it will be like you will be. Our young people are our gold reserves: those who ignore their young people will lose their future. But Hungary wants to win the future. You will be needed for this.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’ve come here to this celebration of vocational training to tell you what opportunities await you here at home: in your homeland, in Hungary. I am here to tell you what doors will open to you when you decide to choose vocational training. In the world at large there is now fierce competition for talented, highly qualified young people who want to work; but we Hungarians have excellent and competitive young people. Wherever there is quality, however, there is also demand, and Western countries are lining up to employ well-qualified young Hungarians. However, we do not have tens of millions of young people whom we can afford to simply hand over to others. We are a nation of fifteen million, with a commensurate number of young people, and Hungary needs you all. Only the Good Lord knows what the future will bring for young people to the west of us – all we see there are multitudes of problems and uncertainties. We can see much more clearly what the future has in store for young Hungarians. In Hungary over the past ten years your parents have performed miracles, kick-starting and revving up the economy, so that the country is growing, developing and building. Hungary is performing ever better. Your parents have created an unrepeatable opportunity for us to live in the way that we have always wanted to. By 2030 – around ten years from now – we have every chance of fighting our way among the five countries in the European Union with the highest quality of life: in general, in the home and in the workplace. We are, after all, a fantastic country, in a beautiful situation, with an extraordinary culture and talented people.

Young People,

It is always useful and good to spend some time abroad, to study and to work there. But sooner or later you must return, because the future – your future – awaits you here, not there. Today Hungary is able to offer you more than anyone else. What Hungary offers you is a safe environment and a secure future. We can provide you with competitive skills, if you so wish. We have revived the system of technical colleges, which proved its worth in the past, and which will open the gates of universities to you if you want to continue your studies after obtaining your vocational qualifications. Hungary is offering you well-paid jobs throughout the country: not only in Budapest, but also in the provinces.

Hundreds of large international companies are settling in Hungary, and they are creating thousands of jobs. Hungarian businesses are also strengthening, and they also welcome you with open arms. Even if you only glance at the news, you will also know that wages in Hungary are increasing dynamically. We are ready to help you in creating a home and starting a family. Perhaps at the moment that seems to be on the distant horizon, but you ought to know that the state will offer you substantial support to help you buy your first home or build the house you want to live in; and we will also support you when you decide to have children. Hungary is one of Europe’s safest countries: here there are no migrants and no terrorism; but we have jobs, homes and security. If you work, you’ll have the chance to continuously prosper: no one and nothing will endanger that.

Honourable Teachers,

On behalf of Hungary, I express our respect and recognition for the hard work that you do for young Hungarians. You have every reason to be proud of the young people who, under your instruction, have become so sought after throughout Europe. I ask you to educate ever more young people for Hungary who are patriotic and energetic. I wish contestants every success, and those looking for a profession a worthwhile choice.
Go for it Hungary, go for it Hungarians!