Viktor Orbán’s statement on Facebook
17 March 2022, Kisvárda

I can see that today the number of refugees arriving in Hungary will exceed 450,000. Together with Interior Minister Sándor Pintér, I toured the institutions – police and disaster management institutions – that are playing a key role in caring for refugees. I can see that coordination is working well. We are able to manage the coordinated accommodation and care of a larger number of refugees than we are currently providing for. I would also like to thank our police officers and disaster management staff. We have visited the hospital in Kisvárda, which we were already familiar with, because during the Crimean conflict, too, we designated this hospital for the possible treatment of wounded refugees. We have done the same now, and in this hospital we will treat any sick or wounded refugees who arrive. The staff have been trained to be able to care for more people than are present today. There are many refugees and many children in the Kisvárda area. I thank the big-hearted people of Kisvárda, who have accommodated a great many children in the town. As I see it, in the coming weeks we will be able to continue helping all those in need.