Viktor Orbán’s statement on Facebook following a summit of the leaders of NATO member countries
24 March 2022, Brussels

A few moments ago we came to the end of a long session of talks. Delivering a result was difficult, but ultimately successful. We succeeded in asserting the Hungarian standpoint and protecting Hungarian national interests. Hungary will not send any soldiers to Ukraine, it was accepted that we will not send any weapons, and also that weapons cannot pass into Ukrainian territory through Hungarian territory. Our ability to get this agreed was due to the emergence of a collective NATO position which accepts that our alliance’s most important shared objective is that the war should under no circumstances spread beyond the borders of Ukraine. We therefore also rejected the idea of a no-fly zone. A no-fly zone over Ukraine would have been tantamount to an air war; but the good news for Hungary is that this will not happen. We also decided to strengthen the Central European countries neighbouring Ukraine: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. NATO forces will be deployed in these countries for defensive purposes. We await these forces, which will comprise Turks, Italians, Croats, and also Americans. Together with the Hungarian Defence Forces they will guarantee the peace and security of Hungary and Hungarians.