Viktor Orbán’s statement on Facebook following an inspection of the Hungarian-Ukrainian border
18 March 2022, Záhony

We are in Záhony. This is the Hungarian-Ukrainian border. We have just seen off the next convoy in the huge Hungarian aid delivery campaign. We are sending five huge truckloads of supplies: food, bandages, medicines and manufactured items – especially for children. We are doing this because we not only need to care for those who have fled the war, but we also want to help those who are still in Transcarpathia – or even on the other side of the Carpathians. This aid consignment is going to them. I have seen the work at the Barabás border crossing, where our police and public administration staff are working tirelessly. I have to say that the Hungarians have performed miracles, and over the last three days I have seen fantastic teamwork – from police officers, disaster management experts, civil society organisations, churches and local government leaders and workers. I would particularly like to thank the latter, because the flood was first felt by local governments, and at the beginning of the war they had to shoulder the burden. And they have coped magnificently. We are increasing the capacity of these crossing points, and in the coming weeks there is a good chance that we will be able to maintain this standard in our work. Once again, we thank you all!