We are fighting for the interests of families in Brussels
17. 12. 2021.
At the EU summit that has just started, the Visegrád countries will fight to make energy cheaper for families, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a video posted on his Facebook account on Thursday.

The Prime Minister said in Brussels the summit of prime ministers had begun. He expects a long debate extending well into the night, he added.

He highlighted that the most important issue is the issue of energy prices, “the prices of gas and electricity have gone through the roof in Europe”. Poor Brussels regulations play a major part in the present high prices, he pointed out.

Mr Orbán stressed that “together with the Poles, the Czechs and the Slovaks we propose that we change the rules of pricing, and make energy cheaper for families”. We also want to foil the Brussels plan that would impose taxes on home and car owners, he stated.

He said the Czechs, the Poles, the Slovaks, the Hungarians and perhaps also the Bulgarians will fight together to protect the interests of families.