We are not leaving anyone by the wayside
07. 03. 2021.
“We will help, we are not leaving anyone by the wayside,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated on Sunday in a message posted on his Facebook account concerning the restrictions entering into effect on Monday.

In his vlog Vaccine Information Extra – Part 3, the Prime Minister said the next two weeks will indeed be difficult as many of the shops which are now allowed to remain open will have to be closed, and services will also be suspended.

“Those who are affected by the measures will find themselves in a difficult position. We will help, we are not leaving anyone by the wayside,” he stated.

Mr Orbán underlined that those working in the segments of the services industry whose operations will be suspended as part of the latest restrictive measures, including hairdressers, beauticians and shop assistants, will receive 50 per cent furlough grants.

Additionally, in the sectors in question, the government has cancelled the employer contributions for the whole of March, while the businesses affected by the restrictions will not be required to pay their March rentals for state- and municipality-owned properties, he explained.

The Prime Minister announced that “we will naturally cancel the taxes” of flat-rate taxpayers, meaning small businesses for March.