We are rooting for President Trump’s repeated victory
28. 10. 2020.
We are rooting for US President Donald Trump’s repeated victory, and are sending our congratulations on the election of the new US Supreme Court justice, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Tuesday in Budapest when he presented departing US Ambassador to Budapest David B. Cornstein with a state decoration.

The decoration Middle Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit was conferred upon the diplomat by head of state János Áder, and was handed over by the Prime Minister at the Carmelite Monastery.

Mr Orbán stressed that with the election of President Trump and David B. Cornstein’s arrival here everything had changed; we have seen openness, sincerity and an amicable move on the part of the United States. Thanks to the Ambassador’s work, Hungarian-US relations are back in their old glory, he said in summary.

He said it is rare when a country finds a friend in someone, and “it is this rare gift that has been bestowed upon us by the Lord and President Donald Trump.” The Ambassador has managed to bring Hungarian-US relations back to their feet, he said.

He highlighted that earlier one would hardly have thought that there would be wide-ranging cooperation between Hungary and the United States in diplomatic and foreign policy affairs, that the United States would help Hungary as a friend, and that Hungary, too, would act in international politics as a friend of the United States.

The Prime Minister also offered his congratulations on the election of US Supreme Court justice Amy Coney Barrett. He said not for a long time had traditional American values had such a strong majority in the Supreme Court. With this President Trump “has saved conservative America, and has joined the ranks of the greatest US presidents.”

The Prime Minister thanked Mr Cornstein for having had the courage to push those out of the way who have for whatever reason an interest in tensions between the United States and Hungary. The Ambassador knows the Hungarian people well, he continued, he understands what we think about Central Europe, the European Union and the United States and why, and he understands “how the Hungarian people’s minds work, and how to find the key to their hearts.” The diplomat treated the Hungarian people fairly, has grown to love the country, and this country, too, has embraced him as one of them, Mr Orbán said.

In his speech, Mr Cornstein stressed that he had found a friend and a partner in the Prime Minister. The relationship of Mr Orbán and Mr Trump is excellent, they like each other very much, he said.

The Ambassador congratulated the Prime Minister on the team he has put together, and said he has very good ministers in his cabinet. There is a good team at the US Embassy as well, and so in cooperation they have achieved a great deal, he concluded.

Mr Cornstein said bilateral relations could not be better, and from here the only way is forward for both countries.