We must be left out of the war
31. 03. 2022.
We must be left out of the Russia-Ukraine war, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stressed on Thursday in Dudar where he campaigned for Péter Ovádi, Fidesz-KDNP’s candidate for Member of Parliament in Veszprém County Constituency No. 1.

Mr Orbán said “this is not our war, if we become dragged into it, we have everything to lose, and nothing to gain”.

According to the Prime Minister, the Left is of a different opinion, they stand for war, neither do they rule out the deployment of Hungarian soldiers, they would supply weapons and would turn off the pipelines conveying Russian energy sources at the borders of Hungary. “They’ve already concluded their deals with the Ukrainians,” he observed, adding that if they win, weapons shipments would start the next day, and they would likewise terminate the agreements concluded with the Russians with respect to the supply of oil and gas the very next day.

He said if the Left wins, they will destroy the country, Hungary will not be able to avoid its fate, we will be dragged into the war. If, however, “the national side wins the elections, the same as to date, we will continue to stand firm and will not allow ourselves to be pushed or dragged into this war,” he pointed out.

He concluded that this was at stake in the elections. “Those who want peace and security will vote for Fidesz,” the Prime Minister stated.