We need children, not migrants
05. 03. 2018.
We need more children, not migrants, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, President of Fidesz, said on Sunday in Bicske where he campaigned for local Fidesz candidate Zoltán Tessely as part of his campaign tour before the parliamentary elections in April.

Video footage of his visit was released on the Prime Minister’s Facebook account. In this Mr Orbán said it was sad to see when a refugee camp was set up in the Fejér County town.

“I told the people of Bicske today that if a force other than Fidesz-KDNP, the alliance which fights against immigration is given the possibility to form a government, this refugee camp, which we closed down, will be reopened”, the Prime Minister said, adding that people in Bicske understand why the 8 April elections are important.

“Children are the most important for us, children come first, and we need more children, not migrants. Go, Bicske!”, Mr Orbán highlighted.