We need de-escalation and peaceful resolution of Ukraine-Russia conflict
30. 01. 2022.
On Saturday, at the summit of conservative party leaders held on 28-29 January in Madrid, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stressed that we need the de-escalation and peaceful resolution of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

After the event, the Hungarian Prime Minister told journalists at the meeting Polish and Hungarian politicians explained to the party leaders attending the meeting that while the events taking place at the Ukrainian-Russian border do not have a direct impact on the lives of those who live in Madrid, “for us who live in Central Europe this is a very important issue”.

Mr Orbán said he asked every attendee of the summit to stand for a peaceful solution and the de-escalation of the conflict.
In this context, Mr Orbán added that a new European security system is an important question; however, Europeans must take part in its development in some form under any circumstances.

The Hungarian Prime Minister pointed out that Brussels’ climate policy had clearly failed. He took the view that the concept that energy prices must be raised in order to protect our climate had proved to be an unreasonable policy. He stressed that Hungary does not follow this policy, and said the Brussels plan to levy new taxes on car and home owners must be stopped.