We need peace talks, not further sanctions
17. 11. 2022.
We need peace talks, not further sanctions, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on his Facebook account, asking people to support our struggle by stating their opinion in the national consultation. He also said he had already completed the national consultation questionnaire about the sanctions.

“The consultation questionnaire about the sanctions can now also be completed on the Internet. I’ve already done it myself,” the Prime Minister said in a video posted on his Facebook account on Thursday.

In continuation, he said at the Brussels talks, he can see that they want to have further sanctions adopted. “This is misguided because the sanctions haven’t solved anything, but have caused enormous economic losses,” Mr Orbán stressed.

The Prime Minister added that “the war hasn’t come to an end, but energy prices have gone through the roof, food prices are rising and inflation is breaking ever further records.”

He indicated that they had launched the present national consultation in order to be able to successfully defend Hungary’s interests.

“We need peace talks, not further sanctions. We cannot allow the sanctions to bury the economy of Hungary, or even of the whole of Europe under themselves,” the Prime Minister highlighted.

In his post, Mr Orbán asked members of the public “to support our struggle by stating your opinion and taking part in the national consultation. Hungary will not give in. I’m counting on you,” he added.