We say yes to Ukraine’s EU membership and peace, we say no to sanctions
23. 06. 2022.
“We say yes to Ukraine’s European Union membership, we say yes to peace, and we say no to further sanctions,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stressed on his social media account on Thursday.

In a video posted on his Facebook account, the Prime Minister said at the Brussels meeting of EU leaders, this afternoon the attending prime ministers and heads of state would review the situation of Ukraine and the war, while tomorrow “we will discuss in depth and at length the situation of the European economy which is far from rosy”.

Mr Orbán said “Europe is suffering”. “It is suffering from wartime inflation, and it is suffering from the wartime economic crisis,” he listed.

He added that additionally ever further sanctions ideas are emerging, and ever further sanctions proposals “are being presented to us,” despite the fact that other than the war, the sanctions are responsible for our economic ailments, the Prime Minister laid down.

At the same time, Mr Orbán stressed that “at this time, we need peace, not further sanctions because peace is the only remedy for wartime inflation”.

In his post, the Prime Minister also reported that this morning they had had talks with leaders of the Western Balkans.