We shall rise again in international football
17. 05. 2016.
In Felcsút on Monday, after the final of the Puskás Suzuki Cup, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that Hungary shall rise again in international football; its clubs will be successful, as well as the national team.

Defending title-holders Budapest Honvéd won the tournament on penalties in the final against Puskás Akadémia. Mr. Orbán, founder of Puskás Akadémia, presented the trophies.

After the final the Prime Minister told public service television news channel M1 that naturally he would have been pleased to see the home team win, but the most important thing for him are the young players, who were not inferior to Honvéd in any way.

Mr. Orbán added that two Hungarian teams playing in the final shows that the pool of young Hungarian talent is slowly but surely closing the gap on other nations. He said that Hungary would need three or four similar tournaments every year. He also mentioned the prestigious international youth tournaments organised by Vasas and Honvéd.

At the end of his interview the Prime Minister said that “We shall rise again in international club football; our clubs will be successful, as will the national team”.

In the Puskás Suzuki Cup for Under-17 teams, Real Madrid came third, followed by the Dutch team KRC Genk, the Romanian Academia Hagi and the Greek Panathinaikos.