We want a world in which we can be free Hungarians living in peace and security
15. 03. 2022.
On the eve of the national holiday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán greeted Hungarian communities in the Carpathian Basin and around the world in a message; the message will be read out at a number of 15 March celebrations world-wide, Bertalan Havasi, the head of the Press Office of the Prime Minister informed the Hungarian news agency MTI on Monday.

“Let there be peace, freedom and accord. 174 years ago, [the author] Mór Jókai summed up his wishes for the Hungarian nation in these three words. And we Hungarians have been able to describe that which we desire with these three words ever since,” the Prime Minister laid down at the beginning of his message.

He highlighted that “we want peace in the more immediate and wider world that surrounds us, the freedom of sovereignty to shape our own lives, and accord in our national affairs so that together with the peoples living with us we can build a safe future for ourselves in the Carpathian Basin”.

Mr Orbán wrote “as the spiritual heirs of 1848 today together we stand up for and offer a helping hand to our brothers and sisters from Transcarpathia in trouble, seeking refuge from the war. We express our solidarity with the Ukrainian people together, and together we defend our culture, our form of life and the results we have achieved with our nation policy in the past twelve years,” he wrote in continuation.

“For us it is natural to close our doors to ideologies seeking to turn our homes upside-down, but to keep them wide open when members of the Hungarian nation in need of help or people fleeing for their lives knock upon them,” the Prime Minister wrote.

According to Mr Orbán, by the light of the days of the revolution and the freedom fight “we clearly see which way the common path of the Hungarian nation leads. Just like the heroes of 1848, we, too, want a world in which, living in peace and security, we can be not only free, but also free Hungarians, and as they did so must we resist all external pressure and internal attempts at discord that pose a threat to that which we have built together.”

“Please allow me to greet you all on the anniversary of the 1848 revolution, and to thank you for the cross-border solidarity that has again proved that not a single Hungarian is alone. Long live Hungarian freedom, long live the motherland,” the Prime Minister wrote concluding his celebratory message.