We will be working in close cooperation in future, based on German-Hungarian friendship
14. 03. 2018.
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has sent letters congratulating German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her re-election, and to Horst Seehofer on his appointment as Minister of Interior, the Prime Minister’s Press Chief informed Hungarian news agency MTI.

In his letter to Angela Merkel, Mr. Orbán wrote: Hungarian-German cooperation has already contributed to the positive development of our continent on many occasions. Seeing Europe’s current situation, our goal can be nothing other than to ensure that our governments work in close cooperation based on German-Hungarian friendship in the interests of our economies’ development and the successful prosperity of our citizens, Bertalan Havasi told the press. The Prime Minister expressed his firm belief that Germany and the countries of the Visegrád Group (V4) will continue to be the custodians of Europe’s stability and development in future. Accordingly, a high-level meeting organised within the framework of Hungary’s Presidency of the V4 would provide an excellent opportunity to discuss the issues that affect our future, Mr. Orbán wrote. In closing, the Prime Minister wished the German Chancellor good health and good fortune for her upcoming period in office.

In his letter to Horst Seehofer, Mr. Orbán expressed his thanks for the trusted cooperation that has developed in recent years as Prime Minister. Referring to the openness that the former Minister-President of Bavaria has previously shown towards Hungary, Mr. Orbán pointed out: we have succeeded in tightening the friendly ties that have linked Hungary and Bavaria for over a thousand years, and in further expanding our diverse relations. “It is a great pleasure that as a member of Berlin’s Federal Government we will continue to be able to work together in future in the interests of the challenges facing the continent, based on our Christian and civil values”, the Hungarian Prime Minister wrote in his letter to the newly appointed German Interior Minister.