We will reinforce Hungary’s Southern borders, we will establish border hunter units
09. 07. 2022.
The government decided to reinforce Hungary’s Southern borders and to protect the security of the Hungarians living there; to this end, border hunter units will be established, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated in a video posted on his Facebook account on Friday.

The Prime Minister said “we will establish border hunter units which will protect your security in cooperation with the police”.

In the first stage, they will train and deploy 2,220 border hunters, Mr Orbán said, adding that they will later increase their number to 4,000. He signed the decree on this on Friday, he said.

Mr Orbán also said on Thursday they held a cabinet meeting lasting for more than ten hours, and the reason for this is, he said, that the war in Ukraine is threatening not only our economy, but also our security.

The Prime Minister said they established that the food supply of a number of African countries was now at risk. Due to the food crisis, they expect a further rise in the pressure of migration at our Southern borders. Illegal migrants in the hundreds of thousands may set out for Hungary and Europe in the coming weeks and months, he stated.

Mr Orbán indicated that “we are already experiencing the first signs of this: the number of illegal border crossers has increased”. Their behaviour is becoming ever more violent, even brutal. On the Serbian side, recently there have even been armed clashes claiming lives. It is likewise not rare that they attempt to enter the territory of Hungary using weapons, he pointed out.