We won’t allow anyone to drag Hungary into this war
25. 02. 2022.
We jointly condemned Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine and unanimously decided on the introduction of sanctions, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said early Friday morning in a statement posted on Facebook after the Brussels EU summit. “I made it clear that we will stand up for Hungary’s national interests, and won’t allow anyone to drag Hungary into this war,” the Prime Minister stated.

The Prime Minister said at the summit they agreed that war is not the solution to any conflict situation.

He stressed that the sanctions do not affect the area of energy, and therefore, he said, the energy supply of Hungary and the other Member States of the EU is guaranteed despite the sanctions.

According to Mr Orbán’s information, they decided that more money should be spent on the security of countries that neighbour Ukraine, including Hungary, and “we must spend more money on the protection of the Eastern border”.

The Prime Minister highlighted that at the summit they agreed: in the present situation, responsible behaviour is key, any ill-judged and irresponsible statements only aggravate the situation and jeopardise the security of the European people.

He said talks will continue in NATO.