What is most at stake in the elections is whether we will be dragged into the war
29. 03. 2022.
According to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, what is most at stake in the upcoming Sunday parliamentary elections is whether Hungary will be dragged into the war or not.

In a video posted on his Facebook account on Tuesday, referring to the war in Ukraine, Mr Orbán said “destroying ourselves is no help, no matter how much our hearts beat with the Ukrainians”.

“It is no help if Hungary is destroyed in the meantime,” he added.

The Prime Minister said “we are unable to grant” the request of the Ukrainians and the Left “to simply turn off the energy pipelines coming from Russia because by doing so we would destroy ourselves”.

“And I doubt whether with this we would help anyone,” the Prime Minister observed.

Mr Orbán said “this has become the highest stake in the elections: war is destruction, peace is construction, will we be dragged into it or not?”

On Tuesday in Békéscsaba, the Prime Minister met with members of the electorate, where he recommended to electors incumbent Fidesz Member of Parliament for the constituency Tamás Herczeg running for re-election, Bertalan Havasi, the head of the Press Office of the Prime Minister told the Hungarian news agency MTI.