With his works Ottó Tolnai conjures up diverse world of Vojvodina
08. 07. 2020.
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was also among those who greeted Ottó Tolnai, one of the most significant figures of Hungarian literature in Vojvodina on the occasion of his 80th birthday, the Szabadka (Subotica) Hungarian press reported on Tuesday.

Bertalan Havasi, the Prime Minister’s press chief told the Hungarian news agency MTI that Mr Orbán’s best wishes and gift had been handed over to the Kossuth Prize winning author by Hungary’s Consul General Eszter Csallóközi in Szabadka. Ottó Tolnai is a writer, poet, translator, a diverse and one of the most prominent figures of Hungarian literature in Vojvodina. His works have been translated, among others, into German, French and Serbian.

In his greetings, the Hungarian Prime Minister wrote that with his poems, dramatic and prosaic works creating a special atmosphere, Mr Tolnai has enriched Hungarian literature for decades, and “at the same time, he also pays attention to conjuring up the diverse world of Vojvodina with his works reminding us of our common roots”.