Answers of Viktor Orbán to the press before the Summit of the European Council
Porto, 8th May 2021

Are you fully committed with the conclusion of this summit?

We have this special model. We don’t believe that one size fits all, we have our own social model concentrating on full employment which we are very close to anyway. So I think what we put together what we call workfare society… Do you understand it? Workfare society. It’s based on full employment, strong family policy, 5% of GDP for family subsidizing. So we have a system working quite well. So we are ready to share our experiences.

Then the agenda ‘gap between men and women’ was difficult to initiate for you?

No, no. The fact is that men and women should be treated equally, and it is easy for us because it is our principle. The only difficulty is to use the term ‘gender’ because we, Christians consider gender as an ideological motivated expression which meaning is not clarified at all. You know, it is sometimes something between man and woman. So we would not like to be mixed up ideological dispute with the strong commitment equality between men and women. So we always propose instead of saying gender equality to use equality men and women. But it is always rejected. They don’t like the Christian approach. So that is the reason they always reject it. But anyway, that is part of the European politics.

Will this be an obstacle these days?


The semantics. Will this be an obstacle these days?

No, I don’t think so. We always manage it. We have some disputes but finally find the route.