Government to initiate child protection referendum
21. 07. 2021.
The government is initiating a child protection referendum on five questions, the Prime Minister announced on Wednesday.

In a video posted on Facebook, Viktor Orbán stressed that in recent weeks Brussels had clearly attacked Hungary due to its child protection legislation. The Hungarian laws do not allow sexual propaganda in nursery and elementary schools, on TV channels and in advertising, he said.

He highlighted that Brussels is now demanding the amendment of the education law and the rules relating to child protection. “They find it injurious that that which is now standard in Western Europe is not allowed here,” over there LGBTQ activists are free to visit nursery and elementary schools, they are in charge of sexual education, he said.

He added that “they want the same over here as well,” and so the Brussels bureaucrats are now levelling threats, instituting infringement procedures, “meaning that they’re abusing their power”.

He said “the future of our children is at stake, and therefore, on this issue we cannot compromise”. When the pressure on our country is weighing this heavily, only the common will of the people can protect Hungary; this is why the government has decided to initiate a referendum on five questions, he said, listing the questions.

These questions are the following:

Do you support the holding of presentations in public education institutions to introduce minors to subjects of sexual orientation without the authorization of parents?

Do you support the promotion of gender reassignment treatments for minors?

Do you support that gender reassignment treatments should be made available to minors?

Do you support that minors may be shown without restrictions media content of a sexual nature that is capable of influencing their development?

Do you support that minors are shown media content that demonstrates gender reassignment?

Mr Orbán asked the people to say no to these questions together as they said no five years ago when “Brussels wanted to force immigrants on Hungary”. At the time, a referendum and the common will of the people stopped Brussels. We succeeded once before, and together we will succeed again, he stated.