Hungary offers its young people a safe environment and a secure future
12. 03. 2019.
On Tuesday, at the opening of the 12th “Star of the Profession Festival” held at the Hungexpo fair centre in Budapest, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that Hungary offers young people a safe environment and a secure future.

The Prime Minister told the students present: “Our young people are our gold reserves: those who ignore their young people will lose their future. But Hungary wants to win the future. You will be needed for this.” He added that it is always useful and good to spend some time abroad, to learn and work there, but sooner or later one has to return, because “your future awaits you here, not there”.

He said that Hungary’s future is made up of the decisions of today’s young people, and that the country will be the professions, careers, lives and futures they choose for themselves.

The Prime Minister stressed that in the world at large there is fierce competition for talented, highly qualified young people who are keen to work, and Western countries are lining up to employ excellent, competitive and well qualified young Hungarians. However, he said, Hungary needs all its young people.

Photo: Árpád Földházi

He also said that in Hungary young people can acquire competitive vocational skills, noting that the revival of the system of technical colleges could open up the gates of universities to young people if they want to continue studying after obtaining vocational qualifications.

Mr. Orbán said that the Hungarian economy has been kick-started and is “revving up”, and the country is growing, developing and performing ever better. As a result, he observed, Hungary – where wages are also increasing dynamically – offers well-paid jobs not only in the capital, but also in the provinces. He added that large international corporations are creating jobs in the thousands, and Hungarian businesses are also strengthening and welcoming young people “with open arms”.

Photo: Árpád Földházi

The Prime Minister reminded his audience that Hungary is one of Europe’s safest countries: “here there are no migrants and no terrorism, but we have jobs, homes and security”. He went on to say that the state is ready to help young people create a home and start a family.

In Mr. Orbán’s words, there is every chance that by 2030 Hungary will become one of the five countries of the European Union with the best quality of life: in general, in the home and in the workplace.

In closing, the Prime Minister addressed teachers, expressing his appreciation for their hard work for young Hungarians, and asking them to educate ever more young people for Hungary who are patriotic and energetic.

Photo: Árpád Földházi

The Star of the Profession Festival will last until Thursday, and will include the national finals of the Outstanding Vocational Student Contest, the National Vocational Studies Competition and the 6th SkillsHungary contest.