Hungary’s election decision will also be for its future
30. 03. 2018.
The Prime Minister has asked voters in Hungary’s general election on 8 April to not only think of the present, but also of the future, because they will not only be deciding on a government and a parliament, but Hungary will also be choosing a future for itself.


On Kossuth Radio on Friday morning Viktor Orbán said that there will either be a national government and Hungary will remain a Hungarian country, or there will be an internationalist government formed in essence by George Soros. The latter would mean that Hungary would become an immigrant country.

He stressed that the government parties are speaking about immigration as the most important issue influencing the fate of the country. This is because Hungary’s development will have been in vain if immigration is allowed, as it will consume all the advantages produced by the country’s growth.

The Prime Minister said that there is no trace of this issue in the campaigns of the opposition parties, however: they simply do not talk about the most important question for the future, as “they are under international censorship”.

Mr. Orbán also said that a series of sound recordings are emerging in which “the officers of the Soros army” themselves speak about their operations. The essence of their method, he said, is to gather activists recruited with George Soros’s money into non-governmental organisations, which then officially act for the attainment of the goals forming part of “the ideology of George Soros’s empire”. The most important of these goals, he said, are immigration and the dissolution of Christian Europe, founded as it is on nations and Christian principles. These NGOs, he said, attack anti-immigration governments, which they also subject to pressure through Brussels. By influencing elections they seek to ensure that pro-immigration and pro-Soros people are elected to national parliaments, and eventually into governments, thereby transforming the targeted countries. The resulting business profits are then channelled back to George Soros and his people, Mr. Orbán said.

He said that in Hungary approximately two thousand paid people are working in order to bring down the Government in the election campaign, and to form a pro-immigration cabinet that is also acceptable to George Soros.

The Prime Minister stated that “We know precisely who these people are, we know names, we know by and large who, how and why they are working to transform Hungary into an immigrant country”. He added that this is one of the reasons the Government presented the “Stop Soros” legislative package to Parliament.

The Prime Minister also said that in June bureaucrats in Brussels will seek to adopt a decision on a new immigration mechanism. Hungary believes that the draft prepared on the issue by the Bulgarian EU presidency is misguided, however, because it focuses on the distribution of immigrants, rather than on defence of the borders. He said that if Hungary were to accept this proposal, it would be required to immediately take in more than ten thousand immigrants, and allocate a sum of nine million forints per person to provide for them.

He stressed that at the EU summit in June Hungary must be represented by a prime minister who is able to protect the country from this plan.

Speaking on Good Friday, the Prime Minister said that in a cultural sense Christian Europe is like the air, that “surrounds us in a way we find natural; this is what we call feeling at home, and this is why we feel at home in Christian Europe and in Christian Hungary”. This is why, he continued, the issue of Christian Europe has become a political issue, and the debate is about whether we succeed in preserving “the way of life that we love”, or if it will be changed by external forces.

In his view, however, young people in Western Europe must prepare for lives during which they will see the loss of Christian Europe and find themselves becoming a minority in their own world.

This threat hangs over everyone’s heads, he said. The question, Mr. Orbán stated, is how the peoples of Europe respond to this: there are countries which respond with the “open society”, and there are others – including most in Central Europe – which want to protect their lives as they are.

In Mr. Orbán’s opinion, on this issue it is difficult to convince leaders in Brussels and Western Europe, because they live in a world apart from the average citizen: they are usually under protection; they live in good, well-protected neighbourhoods; they do not travel on the metro; and there are no no-go zones near them. As a result their quality of life will not be directly affected by migration.

The Prime Minister also pointed out that Hungarians also have direct experience of this issue ever since the Röszke/ Horgos riots on Hungary’s southern border in 2015, when “they kicked the door in on us and invaded Hungary”.

The winter reductions in household utility bills were also mentioned in the interview. Mr. Orbán confirmed that the Government will adopt individual decisions in order to ensure that those living in apartment blocks in which all apartments are combined to be registered as a single consumer will also have access to the reductions they are entitled to. As part of this, he said, the Government will ensure that the HUF 12,000 reduction per household is also made available to settlements where there is no gas supply at all.