Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s response to George Soros
13. December 2020, Budapest

Europe has not surrendered

Samizdat #4

George Soros is shedding crocodile tears. While this will not return the money that the speculator has stolen from millions of people, families and businesses, it does provide some modest satisfaction. The most corrupt man and network in the world has good reason to be disappointed. Europe has not surrendered; Soros’ grandiose plan has been suspended by the European Council. The spotlight is now on budget resources, the recovery fund, and who has access to what and how.  We live in a materialistic world, whether we like it or not, which is why the Union’s funds have so far been kept under strict European supervision by multiple parties in all Member States. The issue here is about something else.

Who will govern Europe in the future? That’s what was really at stake at last week’s meeting. Will Europe be governed by the governments elected by the citizens of Member States and their council, or will Soros succeed in building a new power structure? A network of NGOs disseminating liberal, post-national and post-Christian ideas, along with the mainstream left-wing and right-wing media conveying and reinforcing their ideas; a significant group of MEPs; the Soros envoys brought to the Commission; and a so-called rule of law mechanism linking them all together.

The plan is as simple as it is grandiose. A Soros financial center funding thousands of NGOs, research institutes, analytical workshops and activists who influence the direction of mainstream media. It buys up and links a critical mass of MEPs and puts the people who work for him in key positions at the Commission, such as Timmermans and Jourova. Finally, they push through a piece of legislation that sets political preconditions – gender, migration, an open society, liberal democracy – for Member States to have access to EU funds.

Countries that insist on their national sovereignty, Christian roots and traditional family model, such as Poland and Hungary, must be strung up in this carefully devised noose. And the reluctant, like the better-off Central European countries and the recalcitrant Scandinavians, must be relegated to perform public penance to better understand the essence of liberal reasoning.

Fortunately, at the last minute, European governments came to their senses. They read the country reports on the rule of law, which György Soros and Frans Timmermans dictated to Ms. Jourova. Suddenly, everyone understood that the verdict had already been handed down before the trial and that other trials would take place after Hungary and Poland.

The decision of the European Council last week was an open declaration of opposition to György Soros’ attempt to take power. Political issues cannot be linked to financial issues, subjective criteria cannot be the basis for financial decisions, and the legal procedure laid down in the Treaty of the European Union cannot be circumvented Soros-style. The European Union has maintained its unity and won.

George Soros lost. It would be time for Europeans to finally send him home to America. There is no explanation as to why we Europeans tolerate an American speculator building and buying an EU system of influence with American money. Until European leaders take this last step, we will have to face attempts by him and his people to seize power over and over again. The migration and gender action plans from the Soros workshop are already on the table. It’s high time to put an end to George Soros’ European joy ride.