Number of persons vaccinated has reached 2.5 million
06. 04. 2021.
According to the Prime Minister’s communication, the number of persons vaccinated against the coronavirus has reached 2.5 million, and so from Wednesday shops may reopen and services may resume.

In a video posted on his Facebook account, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said “Today we have reached an important milestone, 2.5 million compatriots have been vaccinated”.

The Prime Minister said “for a year, we have lived our lives amidst conditions reminiscent of war times, amidst restrictions, a curfew and personal losses. The virus started a war against us, and the only weapon with the promise of victory is the vaccine”.

Mr Orbán said in a month, the number of those vaccinated has increased two and a half-fold. Therefore, he continued, from tomorrow, shops may reopen, and services may resume. He added that disease control regulations would continue to remain in effect, and asked everyone to observe them.

He also said vaccinations would continue at a similar rate.

He thanked physicians and nurses for their hard work, and asked the Hungarian people to register and to have themselves vaccinated.

“Hungary can be, Hungary will be the European country where everyone will have access to vaccination at the fastest rate. For us, every life matters,” he stated.