Operational Group met at six in the morning
04. 11. 2020.
The Operational Group met at six in the morning, reviewing hospital capacities, taking stock of the available hospital beds, nurses, physicians, and commissioned and operational ventilators, the Prime Minister said in a short video message posted on Facebook.

Viktor Orbán said he had convened the leaders of defence committees on Tuesday evening.

“They received their instructions, and so they will be able to enforce the restrictive measures now adopted,” he said.

He also said that the cabinet meeting will continue at eight o’clock on Wednesday morning where Minister for Innovation and Technology László Palkovics and Finance Minister Mihály Varga will render an account of the status of the economy protection action plan.

“Because while we are fighting against the virus, the country must remain up and running, the economy must remain up and running, and I want to keep my promise to create as many jobs as destroyed by the virus,” Mr Orbán stated.

If we stand together and everyone observes the rules, the tightened measures now adopted will be enough and there will be no need for further measures, he said.