Press statement of Viktor Orbán before the European Council
Brussels, 10th December 2020

So I think the negotiation today will be an important one. The preparation was quite a long one: for weeks to negotiate, and we are just one inch from reaching a consensus. So I have an opinion that we are very, very close to reaching a good agreement for the unity of the European Union. So today we are fighting for the unity of our common continent and – even what is more important – not just the victory of the European Union, but we are fighting for the victory of common sense. Because it’s obvious that when our nations and so many millions of people are in real need because of the pandemic and because of the economic consequences of that, we have to behave reasonably and to find a way for reliable approaches and a victory for common sense to provide pandemic health services to the people who are in need and to provide financial assistance for those countries who are really in need to help their people. So we have good hopes for today.

Thank you.