Prime Minister Viktor Orbán expects advice promoting small and medium-sized enterprises from Chamber of Commerce
08. 11. 2020.
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is expecting advice promoting small and medium-sized enterprises from the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In a video message posted on Facebook on Sunday, the Prime Minister spoke about this after he had met with President of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry László Parragh.

Mr Orbán said he had informed the head of the chamber of the measures expected to be taken in health care and had told him that the vaccine was the solution regarding which the situation was promising. The Prime Minister said “we now see the light at the end of the tunnel, but until then many long weeks will pass, and therefore we must also concern ourselves with the economy,” adding that the virus was equally attacking the “tissue” of the economy in addition to that of humans.

He highlighted that the threat posed to small and medium-sized businesses is the most important for the government because these enterprises provide jobs for the largest number of Hungarian people.

Mr Orbán therefore asked the President of the Chamber to make recommendations to the government and to cooperate more closely in the coming weeks and months so that the government can take measures with which they can help small and medium-sized businesses.

“Health care decisions are now on the agenda, to be followed again by economic measures. I look forward to the Chamber’s recommendations,” Mr Orbán said in conclusion.