Series of consultations related to the fight against the epidemic continued with another meeting
04. 12. 2020.
On Friday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had talks with senior members of the Medical Research Council (MRC) regarding the disease control measures and restrictions planned for the period beyond 11 December, Bertalan Havasi, the Prime Minister’s press chief informed the Hungarian news agency MTI.

The meeting held at the Carmelite Monastery was attended by President of the MRC József Mandl, Vice-President of the MRC Tibor Wittmann, Council Secretary Miklós Csala and further members of the body, including Professors Tamás Dóczi, Gyula Poór, Péter Sótonyi and Attila Vörös, while on behalf of the government by Ministers Miklós Kásler, Gergely Gulyás and Antal Rogán. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said thank you to the scientists for their high-quality work so far which has helped the government to adopt appropriate measures during the fight against the epidemic and enabled Hungary to await the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic fully prepared, Mr Havasi said.

The Prime Minister will continue the series of consultations on Saturday when he will consult with economic experts. The meeting to be held on Sunday will summarise the conclusions of previous meetings in advance of the Monday morning meeting of the Operational Group where decisions will be made regarding further disease control restrictions for the period beyond 11 December, including Christmas and January, the press chief said.

The Medical Research Council is an advisory body of the minister responsible for health care which adopts positions, reviews documents and makes recommendations on general ethical issues related to medical research, develops ethical guidelines regarding the principles and practice of biomedical and clinical research, and may also initiate legislation related to health care.