Soros’s candidates would give farmers’ money to migrants
22. 03. 2018.
If George Soros’s candidates are given a mandate to govern and the businessman’s candidates form a government, they will take money away from farmers and will give it to immigrants, to migrants, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated on the video footage uploaded onto his Facebook account on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister paid a visit to a Hungarian farmer in Bokod which is, in his words, “a fair settlement in Komárom-Esztergom County”.

He said if George Soros’s candidates form a government, they will build an immigrant country, rather than an agrarian one.

“The other option is that we stand by the national government, install the national government’s candidates in Parliament and form a government which stands up for Hungary and Hungarian farmers, protects their interests and continues the policy which has made Hungarian agriculture and Hungarian farmers successful in the past few years”, Mr Orbán said.