Thanks to Hungarians for taking part in national consultation
16. 12. 2017.
“I would like to thank Hungarians who took part in the national consultation for having lent their strength to us and to me personally, and for having enabled me at this summit – in particular, during late Thursday night – to successfully ward off the attacks which came within an inch of infringing Hungary’s sovereignty”, the Prime Minister said in Brussels, after the EU summit held on Friday.

The above statement was released on Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Facebook account.

He said: the long, two-day council meeting of EU leaders where the stakes were high for Hungary finally drew to an end. We prevented outcomes at the EU summit in consequence of which aliens would have been resettled into Hungary. In order to foil this attempt, we needed the concordant will of millions of Hungarians. Thank you all, Mr Orbán said.

In his video message, the Prime Minister wished “every citizen of Hungary a beautiful Advent season, and a blessed, peaceful and merry Christmas”.

“As regards 2018, all I can tell you at this point in time: Come on, Hungary, come on, Hungarians”, he said.

In his statement released in the early hours of the morning on his Facebook account, the Prime Minister highlighted that EU leaders agreed on the so-called external issues of migration at the Brussels summit, such as the protection of the borders and the stopping of migrants outside the borders, but there is still no agreement on the issues of resettlement and immigration.

“The good news is that we agreed on the so-called external issues of migration: protection of the borders and stopping migrants outside the borders. The bad news is that we still disagree on the issues of resettlement and immigration. There are still many – big and strong ones – who do not want to stop migration, but want to bring migrants into Europe and to then distribute them on a mandatory basis. Consequently, they also want to settle aliens, migrants into Hungary, despite the fact that we do not want this at all”, the Prime Minister said, adding: “the Central Europeans fought well, the Polish, the Czechs, the Slovaks, the Slovenes and we too”.