The fight continues also at Easter; those who are called in should have themselves vaccinated
03. 04. 2021.
On Saturday morning, at the duty centre of the Ministry of the Interior, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán held a consultation regarding the implementation of the vaccination plan, Bertalan Havasi, the Prime Minister’s press chief informed the Hungarian news agency MTI.

According to his information, Inter Minister Sándor Pintér, the Prime Minister’s cabinet chief Antal Rogán, State Secretaries István György and Csaba Latorczai, national police chief János Balogh and National Director General for Hospitals Zoltán Jenei attended the meeting.

In a video posted after the consultation, the Prime Minister said though it is Holy Saturday today, the virus is not resting, and so we, too, must continue the fight. Every vaccination can save a human life, the Prime Minister pointed out. He said he is grateful to general practitioners, hospital physicians and nurses for having agreed to work also during the Easter holidays.

Mr Orbán asked those who are called in during the holidays to go and have themselves vaccinated under any circumstances. He added that by this morning we had reached 2,235,731 first-dose vaccinations in Hungary.

“We ourselves are working, the Operational Group, too, is working. And according to the work scheduled this morning, today we will vaccinate another 83,000 persons,” the Prime Minister said.