Viktor Orbán sends messages of sympathy and support to the French president and the Bishops’ Conference of France
16. 04. 2019.
The Prime Minister’s press chief Bertalan Havasi has informed Hungarian news agency MTI that, in response to the tragic fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has sent messages of sympathy and support from the people of Hungary to President of France Emmanuel Macron and Archbishop of Reims and President of the Bishops’ Conference of France Éric de Moulins-Beaufort.

In his letters to the two leaders, the Hungarian prime minister wrote: “The Cathedral of Notre-Dame is a symbol to all Christians, and not only represents the sanctity of the mother of Jesus Christ, but with its hundreds of years of history also represents the shared sanctuary of our faith […] We express our gratitude and pay tribute to the heroic efforts of the firefighters of Paris, who successfully brought the raging flames under control, thus saving one of the symbols of European Christianity from total destruction.” Recounting the contents of the letters, Mr. Havasi said that the Prime Minister had wished great strength and God’s blessing for the reconstruction work and the restoration of the Cathedral to its former glory.