We have won time
23. 03. 2018.
In a video posted on his Facebook page on Friday morning, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that discussion of the mandatory migrant quota issue at the current EU summit had been postponed, and so Hungary has won time.

In the video, which had been recorded the previous night, the Prime Minister said that the EU leaders had discussed a number of important and difficult questions, and at the beginning of the meeting the agenda items were the ones which are most important to Hungary: migration and immigration.

Mr. Orbán said that “I made it clear that we cannot accept any proposal for a mandatory migrant quota system”.

He added that “Hungary rejects this, and for as long as I am Prime Minister, there is no possibility of any such agreement”.

He reported that discussion on the matter had been postponed, and “we have won time”.

The Prime Minister said that on this matter the deciding confrontation will be in June, and “that is when we will need to show our mettle”.