We must be at least as tough as the terrorists
06. 10. 2016.
“We must be at least as tough as the terrorists”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said early on Thursday morning in Budapest after the Counter-Terrorism Centre (TEK) held exercises at the Ferenc Puskás Stadium metro station.

Speaking to the law enforcement personnel participating in the exercise, Mr. Orbán said that “We are usually up against the most determined people, we are facing up to them, and we must be at least as determined as they are”.

According to the Prime Minister, “If we are not at least as capable as the perpetrators, if we aren’t at least as committed in what we do, and – if needs be – ferocious”, then Hungary will not be able to prevent and punish the acts committed against it.

Mr. Orbán assured TEK personnel that in their work they can count on the Government, adding that “the Government is working in the knowledge that if there is trouble and if anyone finds themselves in danger through an act of terrorism, then both those in danger and the people running the country can rely on our counter-terrorism agents”.

The Prime Minister also said that it is not easy to watch such an exercise. “We only used to see scenes like this in movies, and now we see them in the evening news”, he said, acknowledging the work of the TEK.

“The Government will be directly monitoring the training and equipping of counter-terrorist personnel”, he stressed, adding that the administration is “grateful, and their goal is to ensure that the safety, equipping and status of young Hungarians performing counter-terrorism duties should in no way be lower than that of their American, German or Austrian counterparts”.

Photo: Károly Árvai

“Hungary is now robust enough to be able to provide its soldiers, police officers and counter-terrorism personnel with the same equipment and attention as any developed Western European state”, Mr. Orbán declared.

According to the Prime Minister, the most shocking thing about acts of terrorism is their suddenness. The immediate events linked to the explosion on Teréz Boulevard occurred within a period of eight seconds, and TEK personal may have to train for years to perhaps be involved in countering such an attack on a single occasion. Mr. Orbán said that training is extremely difficult and asked TEK staff to maintain their patience and perseverance.

Photo: Károly Árvai

The Prime Minister also thanked Polish, Czech and Slovakian guests from the V4 for participating in the exercise.