We need governance that follows Christian values
31. 10. 2017.
In the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena, at the official national event commemorating the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that after a period of anti-Christian, internationalist governance, Hungary needs a period of governance that seeks to follow Christian values.

In his words, the fact that Hungary is governed today by a Christian government of faith is no mere coincidence, but “a manifestation of the mercy of God”.

Mr. Orbán pointed out that it is the duty of his government to protect “the ways of life that have their roots in Christianity”, human dignity, the family, the nation and faith communities, and preservation of an approach to life which, “based on the teachings of Christ, has made Europe and the Hungarians great”.

The Prime Minister, who is also President of Hungary’s Reformation Memorial Committee, said that the Hungarian people and Christian Europe need spiritual and intellectual renewal. He declared that “we agree to take on […] the share allotted to us”.

Photo: Károly Árvai

He added that “To serve people is at least as difficult a task in government as it is in the church, and this is why I am personally grateful for all the support we are receiving from our spiritual and intellectual communities, from you Protestants, and naturally from our Catholic brothers and sisters”.

Mr. Orbán continued: “We are grateful that the nation has united its strength, regained its feet and strengthened, […] that it has regained its vitality, its capacity for action and the desire to do great things. We are grateful that, instead of letting the current carry it, it has chosen a cardinal point of the compass and a lodestar, it has charted a course, and it is creating a route for its own life”. The Prime Minister added that he sees it as a privilege that “in this renewal, providence has used us as a vehicle: our churches, the Government and the free communities of Hungarian citizens across the entire Carpathian Basin”.

Photo: Károly Árvai

The Prime Minister also said that it is also seen as a manifestation of God’s help that “although we need to stand in the way of major forces – even global forces – we can still stand, and we are still standing on our feet”.

Mr. Orbán added that when the Government works to enable the Hungarians to live well, it is also making efforts to enable them “to live fine, more just, happier and richer lives, with hearts uplifted”.

“We not only want a future in which everyone has a job – we have almost achieved that – but in which every form of work serves the glory of God: from street sweeping to governing the country”, the Prime Minister said.

Photo: Károly Árvai

In his view, “the outlines are already visible”: bridges are being built on the Danube, as are Hungarian universities in Transylvania and hundreds of kindergartens throughout the Carpathian Basin. He said that today Felvidék, Transcarpathia, Vojvodina and Transylvania are celebrating together, and “The reality of a peaceful unification of the nation across borders is visible”. He stated that “we now know that the truth you recognise sets you free”, but “for a final and great unification of the nation, we shall need the truth that will not only set us free, but that will also keep us together – uniting not only the parts of the nation, but also Hungarian souls”.

In closing, Mr. Orbán said that “We are fighting and praying together so that God may bless the Hungarian people. […] God save Hungary! Soli Deo gloria”.