We shall fight for Hungarians working in Austria
31. 01. 2018.
In relation to the Austrian family support system, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has asked Chancellor Sebastian Kurz to ensure that Hungarians working in Austria receive fair treatment.

At their joint press conference in Vienna on Tuesday, the Hungarian prime minister told reporters that he had asked for Hungarians working in Austria to receive fair treatment, saying that if they pay their social welfare contributions they should receive what they are due.

He observed that in Hungary if someone pays the taxes and social welfare contributions they are required to, then they will receive everything that Hungarians receive. There is fair procedure in Hungary, he said, and this is what he would also like to see in Austria: if Hungarians pay in what they need to, they should receive the same that is due to Austrians. He added that the Hungarian government will fight to ensure this.

The Prime Minister declared that protecting the treaties is the task of the European Commission, and if that body sees anything contrary to the treaties of the European Union, then its role requires it to take action. Brussels is doing its job, he said, there will be a decision on the issue at EU-level, and “we will take note of it”.

Mr. Orbán underlined the importance of motorway connections between the two countries as well as that of successful economic cooperation, explaining that Austria is one of the most important investors in Hungary, and that both parties profit from close economic ties.

In reply to a question about the Prime Minister’s meeting scheduled for later in the day with Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ), Mr. Orbán pointed out that the FPÖ has been given a crucial role in the Austrian government. Not only is it natural for him to meet all important Austrian politicians, he said, but Mr. Strache has also been given a ministerial post relating to security, meaning that they would also be discussing that subject.

In reply to a question, the Prime Minister said that in his experience, if the liberals aren’t in a government they claim that democracy is finished. “We don’t accept any ideological tendency’s claim to be the sole embodiment of democracy”, he said, adding that “true democracy is democracy without modifiers”.