Welcome address by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on the twentieth anniversary of the opening of the House of Terror Museum
25 February 2022 Budapest

This is a success story. If I were younger, I would say that the House of Terror Museum is awesome. Young people, seniors, Westerners, Easterners and Hungarians all come here, and they leave having received something important that they could not have received anywhere else. The facts speak for themselves: that this gathering has taken place; that there were as many as one hundred thousand of us here; that the building exists, and that history has finally declared that they were right; that they could come in; that here there is a simply stated embodiment of the link between communism and Nazism; that here the victims have names and a fate that they tell; that the perpetrators have names and faces – and that the two are not mixed up with each other, as the communists were so skilfully able to do up until the House of Terror was created or founded; that it is no longer the former communists who say what is right and wrong, what is true and what is a lie, but that at last this is said by those who were trampled upon by that system, who really were the oppressed, and from whom everything was taken – from some their lives, from some their families, from some their fortunes, from some their careers and their opportunities. So in the end they are the winners: history is on their side, and now that is being recognised.