When we can restart our economies depends on speed of vaccination
08. 05. 2021.
When we can restart our economies depends on the speed of vaccination, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stressed in Porto, after the first working day of the European Union’s Social Summit, in a video posted on his social media account on Saturday.

The Prime Minister said in Porto it was then one a.m. which was two a.m. at home, and the first day of the European Council’s meeting had come to an end.

“Vaccine, inoculation, the restarting of the economy, these are the most important topics,” he said.

Everyone welcomed the decision of the World Health Organization (WHO) that they had found another vaccine safe and had recommended it for use, Mr Orbán said in reference to the fact that on Friday the WHO approved the vaccine developed by the Chinese state-owned pharmaceutical company Sinopharm against the coronavirus for emergency use.

The Prime Minister pointed out that everything depended on vaccination. He said in continuation that the parties agreed that action must be taken against anti-vaccination voices and campaigns, and “we’re trying to convince everyone in the whole of Europe to have themselves vaccinated”.

When we can restart our economies depends on this, he stressed.

“We’ll get some sleep now, and tomorrow we’ll continue,” the Prime Minister said in conclusion.