Vaccination offers the only possible protection
28. 02. 2021.
Vaccination offers the only possible protection against the coronavirus epidemic, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stressed in a video posted on his Facebook account on Sunday after he himself was inoculated with the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine.

The Prime Minister said “the third wave of the coronavirus epidemic is upon us, and will be tougher than the previous two”. Therefore, he asked the Hungarian people to register and to have themselves vaccinated.

Mr Orbán said “it is well worth listening to those who are smarter than us,” as he received the vaccine after Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller decided that the leaders of the Operational Group should also have themselves vaccinated at this time.

The video features the Prime Minister being vaccinated at the vaccination point of the Hungarian Defence Forces Health Care Centre, after the checking of his body temperature, hand sanitisation and a medical check-up. “Fight fire with fire,” the Prime Minister observed before the administration of the vaccine.

In the video, the vaccinating physician also said the best vaccine is the vaccine that a patient has already received.

After his vaccination, speaking to members of the press in the Carmelite Monastery, Mr Orbán said “I’m as fit as a fiddle,” and therefore encouraged everyone not to be afraid of the vaccine.

He added that in Vojvodina, tens of thousands of Hungarians have received the Chinese vaccine, and in Hungary, too, thousands have been inoculated with it. “Have faith in Hungarian experts,” Mr Orbán appealed to members of the public.